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What's this Yoga stuff doing here?

About 20 years ago I was living in an apartment in Kirkland Washington, working at a production company, wondering what I wanted to do.  I wandered down to the little shops that filled the surrounding area beneath the building and I found this little hole in the wall studio that said "HOT YOGA".  Hmmm, wonder what this is about I thought.  It was right next door to a, now non-existent, Japanese restaurant and movie theater.  If you didn't know it was there you probably never would.  It was tiny.  One little entry area to check in, small closet sized room for changing and slightly bigger wall to wall mirrored room for what they did there...HOT YOGA.  Hot? How hot?  And what was yoga?  I had no idea.  I signed up for a class to give it a try.  Low and behold when I came back to take my first class, I stepped into the practice room to find 20 other people crammed side by side on their colorful rectangular mats some laying down some stretching and breathing, peaceful music playing, and it hit me.  Holy cows the HEAT!  I think it was about 10 seconds in and I was already sweating.  And they want me to workout in this?  HA.  I rolled out my mat and said to myself...Daisy you can do this....and I did.  I survived though didn't think I'd come back.  But I did.  Again and again and again.  Looking back I'm not sure why I kept going back, as the heat was harder to deal with than the actual physical postures. I felt so annoyed at the heat and continued to get angry during every class.  "Why are they doing this to me, I can't breath!, can we please move on to a different pose??" Then somehow it came to me.  I let go.  I let it consume me.  I let the sweat literally pour down my body and face, I let that time in class be just that - a way to let go and just be completely present without the before or after or what it should be.  I prevailed and fell in love.  

I am a DEFINITE yogi...come with me!

What has YOGA done for me lately...


I recently started teaching free classes to a few friends, right in my apartment complex gym room.  I was so devastated by my recent divorce and didn't know where I fit or who I was, but I knew yoga.  So...I began a journey with some wonderful people who wanted to support my courage. 



I will support my yoga practice until the end of time.  I truly believe it to be my religion and my balance. So what better way to engage with my yoga community than to offer up my photography talent to showoff MORE yogi life!