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I love engaging with people!  I am creative and fun spirited.  I love catching moments in time. There is a story behind every moment in life. They can vary from a great trip to a horrific day. But there is always a story.  In every home I've lived I have always had "the wall". That is what I call it, that is the first thing I look for: 'where can I put the pictures'. This could be two walls or one big wall. But I always have the wall. It's beautiful. It reminds me of the times in my life with my kids, people in my life now and past who have supported me through the years.  I even have photos of when I was little to remind me of where I came from, how I became who I am today.  Each photo brings me back to the story behind that image.  I laugh, I cry, I remember. It is the best.


I bring humor and a relaxed engaging attitude, and try to move with what life hands me. I never have expectations when going to a shoot because inevitably something will happen to crack that plan.  I spend a few minutes talking with you, and listening to what you'd like from our session.  I think about how the photos will best work in the space we are in, and I set up.  I try to not pose too much.  If there are kids I may grab some bubbles and have them just go at it and start clicking.  I may have a family pile on top of each other or squeeze in tight.  And I definitely get on the ground with the dogs.  I like to push boundaries if I can.  Those make for the most fun experiences.  And my clients have a great time.